Saturday, March 12, 2011

Explain this

On the subject of cryptic OTN posts, this one has to get an honorary mention as well:

explain this


write query to find out order detail of oder_date 2 year before (sorry i forget exact question)

No solutions so far.


silentd said...

Dear OTN forum,

Please do my job/homework for me, because I am clueless.

plz give me teh codez


Stew said...


Unknown said...

Please provide additional information such as teacher's phone number so we can call and find out what your assignment was.

Joel Garry said...

Must be the date the sewage plant exploded.

word: bepsher

Anonymous said...

"Smartest" question I've ever seen at OTN forum :)
Look likes -
"My car doesn't work, please fix my car"