Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Consultant on Backups

Our correspondent overheard The Consultant sorting out the backup requirements for the new system:

Consultant: You have a 6 hour window overnight, now as the queues get longer under heavy loading the end of day queue clearing will run into that 6 hours. Your backup window will start to get squeezed, so we need to know the minimum time to back-up this amount of data, including the time to shut down and start up the databases.

Technical guy: Why?

Consultant: Because it has to take place in that 6 hour window.

Technical guy: Why is that?

Consultant: Because then the users will come back on line and want to use the system.

Technical guy: So?

Consultant: They can't use the system if it's down to be backed up.

Technical guy: We'll use an online backup and they can do whatever they like.

Consultant: Well, if I was in auditing I'd fire you right now. You simply have to shut a database down to back it up. It's the only way you can get a consistent backup.


Anonymous said...

He's correct, it's the only way to get a consistent backup. Too bad he's too stupid to understand that inconsistent backups are perfectly usable, and are the basis for RMAN and hot backups. But he's unknowingly right about how stupid auditors are, too.

Next I expect we'll find out his idea of a backup is 11g exp/imp.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. Is that a real conversation? Has he not heard of RMAN? Thanks for the good laugh. BTW great name for your blog. :)