Sunday, November 29, 2009

The £10 UKOUG Weak Joke Challenge

Oracle-WTF will pay the sum of £10 to the first person who makes the following weak Brummie joke to a conference audience at UKOUG:

Are there any Brummies here today?

Is it true that Ozzy Osbourne thought the Spice Girls were astronauts?

(Note for visitors to England: it's about the accent. And The Spice Girls used to be a pop group. And Ozzy Osbourne, oh never mind.)


Matt Searle said...

I didn't hear anyone use the "joke", but it was good to see Tom Kyte mentioning this site and The Daily WTF :)

Gareth said...

A joke I heard at the UKOUG was:

A SQL statement walks into a bar. He spots a couple of tables, walks over and asks "Mind if I join you?"

John Hurley said...

Whats a brummie?

Anonymous said...

DBA joke:
"Knock, Knock!"
"Who's there?"
-- veeeery long pause --
"... Java!"