Friday, March 23, 2007

Quote For The Day

"PL/SQL development can be a tedious and time-consuming job – often monopolizing the valuable time and efforts of Oracle developers." - SQL Navigator page, Quest Software

Spare a thought today for PL/SQL developers, having their precious time tediously monopolised by, umm, PL/SQL development.


Dominic said...

Fantastic. If SQL navigator can write it then Qute can test it and we can get on with looking at how inefficiently that database is running. Then just add a sprinkle of ORM generated code to the mix and leave to bake...

William Robertson said...

> and we can get on with looking at how inefficiently that database is running.

The DBAs will be doing that. We'll be down the pub.

Pierre M. said...

PL/SQL tedious... yeah, they're right. Just do it in Java in the database. Everybody knows java nowadays. You can even use TOAD for all your Java development ;-)

Scott Swank said...

Yes, time which could otherwise be put toward:

- trying to figure out why their Forms frames aren't nested the way they ought to be

- trying to figure out why their Reports frames aren't nested the way they ought to be

- clicking on things in ApEx

- learning Java/JDev/ADF -- and then clicking on things in ADF

William Robertson said...

Perhaps these "Oracle developers" who don't want to waste their valuable time on Oracle development are like this guy:

"The thing is , we are on the ETL side over here and dont a good idea of databases,etc."

Andrew G said...

I guess the Java people were right all along... It just takes someone like Quest to throw a good sobering slap: PL/SQL is tedious and should be avoided if possible.

wpg DBA said...

"streamlines workflow by adding a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface"

Ah, yes. Just what everyone needs: a D&D GUI. Could there be anything more efficient than endlessly mousing back and forth across the screen?

Anything like a keyboard? An SQL prompt? A knowledge of the data dictionary?

I don't know what other folks do. Personally, I prefer to let the database write most of my code for me. All the metadata is there, so let the RDBMS write the code.

Anonymous said...

I think y'all missed the point. If you have bad or even worse, no tools, then PL/SQL dev work is tedious. If you have SQL Navigator on the other hand, its as "insert metaphor here"