Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oracle World Goes Sensible shock

You may be wondering WTF happened to all the WTFs, and so are we. It seems the Oracle world has been going through a rather depressing sensible season recently, in which nobody posts Pro*Ada code and wonders why it won't run at the SQL*Plus prompt, or suggests adding "AND 1=1" to any query to make it go faster. Even Mr Feuerstein seems to have deserted us.

Perhaps Mike Ault's foray into international economics cheered some of us up. He proposed an ingenious regulatory system requiring (I think) US grain, medicine and other key exporters to adjust their prices in response to international oil market fluctuations, on the grounds that certain oil producers are not taking America seriously enough. Now that'll teach Johnny Foreigner a lesson. "It is time for America to get tough", he adds. Oh dear.

On a more conventional note, a Mr Sahil Malik complained at great length on cdos about how hard it was to install 9i Personal Edition on his PC. At one point he fumed:

Larry Ellison IMHO has only one business idea - "Defeat bill gates and trap every programmer in matrix like pods powering oracle databases". WHAT THE HECK !! Time he matured up a bit.

I agree. Larry Ellison, if you're listening, you need to mature up a bit and forget the whole Matrix pod idea. We all know that ends badly.

Over on the OTN SQL Developer Forum, we were intrigued when one frustrated poster asked:

I cannot find clustered option for the indexes or PKs that I create in SQL Developer.

Where is the CLUSTERED check box in user interface?

Where indeed? Helpfully, Sharon from the SQL Developer team promised to get one added ASAP:

I have added an enhancement request to get this added to the interface in a future release.

We look forward to seeing what that does.


Noons said...

Hmmmm, sounds like a lot of people out there decided to get a clue...

Either that or no one is doing any new development which rather seems to me a much better guess, going from what I'm seeing in the industry.

It looks like folks finally realised that J2EE is NOT a good idea for everything and that maybe there are simpler ways of developing applications.

Watch out, Oracle...

Stevo said...

The DBAs in my team have spent most of the last 3 months explaining to an internal pl/sql developer about 'dot notation', fully qualified object references and how schemas work.