Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Thneed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!

Now maybe I'm misusing this whole forum with this posting, and if so I apologise profusely, but...


Are you worried about "under-licencing" too...?

Not only does open source Firebird-Fyracle have a catchy name and almost match Oracle on the 6 well known "gold standard key database evaluation mapping criteria", but it is "just as idiosyncratic", AND you can run "Compiere v2.5.3c" ( almost )!

Who could possibly argue with the rigorously documented "proof of the pudding" that this product is "faster than Oracle on the same hardware"


William Robertson said...

They appear to have duplicated Oracle's entire functionality and called it Fyracle. Can they really do that? I wonder if they are working on Fyrotoshop and FyrndowsXP as we speak.

William Robertson said...

WTF Is A Thneed?

Harry said...

It's from "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss. You do know who Dr. Seuss was, right?



William Robertson said...

If only someone had posted that link earlier.

William Robertson said...

Another link: www.firebirdnews.org/?p=255

I expect to see a sardonic "Fyracle-WTF" blog appearing any day now, as an exact copy of this one.

Thai Rices said...

...I'll base it all on fact of course.

All I can say for now is that I guess the "context" for which Dribacle (Fyrcle sounds like an interview after the dentist, right?) was found to be as fast as Oracle (one fine night back in ‘04) obviously wasn't a context that included Solaris or VMS or HP UX because apparently they haven’t extended there idiosyncratic matching practice to the extent of implementing on those platforms.

...apparently anyway... I can't get the download section of the website to work. (Maybe the painstakingly slow site is an attempt to mimic the idiosyncrasy of technet.oracle.com when heavily loaded on a wet Tuesday afternoon).

Until proven otherwise, let’s hope that your under-licensing problem doesn’t extend to the O/S as well or there better be some budget left for hardware.

Thai Rices said...

"Back in 2004 people were evaluating Compiere, running everyting on one (desktop) box, using Oracle 9i. They found that a Fyracle based stack was more responsive."

After battling through all 467 pages of Jonathan Lewis's "Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals" I was relieved to find this further painstakingly accurate account of the clear superiority of Fyracle informative, eloquent and brief.

Anonymous said...

Wow, aren't you the big man:

"Look Ma, I can poke fun at the Russian guy for his bad command of English!"

Yeah, *that* oughta convince everyone that his code suxxors.

For shame.

(Can't be bothered to remember if I have a user-id on this silly blogging system: I'm Christian R. Conrad, from Helsinki, Finland. GIYF.)

CRConrad said...

Oh, lookit that, turns out I did have one.

That was still a fsckin low post, riceball.

Scott Swank said...

I don't think that "command of English" was at the heart of thai rices post. It was rather the fact that the post simply said "Fyracle was tested and was faster." Note that thai rices compared this post with the meticulous detail available in JPL's book.

The point (as I understand it) is that you can't just say "it's faster" but rather you must clearly and reproducibly demonstrate such a fact. Otherwise people will poke fun at you.

William Robertson said...

What Russian guy?

Thai Rices said...

Dear Mister Conrad,

I think you'll find

(1) I wasn't picking on any Russian's use of English.

(2) I wasn't commenting on the extent to which any Russian's code "suxxors"

(3) I wasn't making slighly incoherent personal attacks on anyone in sub-English.