Monday, March 27, 2006

The Clue Was In The Name

email from tester: 
This bug is blocking test: bg9876-a, I have elevated it to priority 1.
The bug you've raised says "please provide a version of write_transaction() stored procedure, that doesn't write anything to the database", can you explain where you're going with this?
email from tester: 
It is a question of practicality for us, we have used this method in every release, we need to test high throughput rates without a Performance Oracle server.


Noons said...

That rates right up there with:
"if you want top database performance, remove all users".

Scott Swank said...

"Our test database is so slow that the only way we can test the rest of the app is if we simply eliminate all database work. Then we'll certify the app for production. With love, QA."