Friday, September 09, 2005

Twirled Half Ample in the WHERE

It is of course completely unfair to post this message by someone who clearly does not speak English. Actually you have to admire his valiant effort to describe a problem with dynamic ref cursors in a foreign language, through what must be the world's most eccentric translation software, or possibly using only a rather old dictionary. (Credit also goes to Art Metzer who actually provided a solution.) But it remains our all-time favourite Oracle forum post, so here it is:

I am with one doubts, I mounted one procedure that to need to return a cursor.

The STRING SQL is must be twirled half ample in the "WHERE".

For that haven't to make varios ifs, would like to know if is possible to create one parameter that it comes with where and to place in the routine to twirl, I tried to make this but not gave certain.

It below follows:


In var(VARIAVEL1) it would be:

'AND CAMPO2 = 3 AND CAMPO3 > = 25'

For example, this would be possible?

Or I will have exactly that to mount one 'IF' giant for to treat all the routine.


See for the original post.


OraWTFGuy said...

I was amazed that Art Metzer deciphered the question well enough to actually provide a correct answer. I was left floundering, exclaiming WTF nonetheless, but in a nice way ;o)

It is, of course, unfair to mock the forum postings of those for whom English is not the first language. But what a sentence! The only one to ever come close IMHO is the instruction to "use this when you want valid a verity" from the log4plsql manuals...

Noons said...

I think I'm from the same language background as the OP on that message and *I* had difficulty figuring it out!
Brilliant effort from Art.

Ejat said...

english is english