Friday, September 02, 2005

Mail it

I recently received the following request on a web forum:

Please let me know how can we send an oracle database via e-mail to other people. Please reply ASAP as it is very urgent. The project is struck because of this.

Thanks in advance
Hmm. I replied asking for some descripton of the business requirement, and mentioned exp/imp utilities, .dmp files being typically smaller than an entire database, possibly XML, etc. Back came the reply:
Thank you sir for your inputs.

Actually I am from core electronics, VLSI background.

We need to configure a database (it contains all the information of components that can be used).

I have worked with Access database(which we can send and receive by zipping and sending).

Now the problem is that the person1 who is else where in globe has to send me the oracle database. Now we dont know how do we do that.We dont even have those passwords or anything... I just have no clue wht it is like .. wht options.. nothing

Now could you please tell me how can we send the database

Oh dear. What is the file extension of the files they are sending you? I asked. Do you have an Oracle license? I must admit I had to look up VLSI ("Very Large Systems Integration", of course). And then when all hope seemed lost:
got my way

I asked the person having database to put it on FTP...

i would then be able to get that whole folder and hence the database...

Thanks for your time
Problem solved I think.


Noons said...


Darn it! *That's* the concept missing from ASM!


Peter K said...

Hahaha...damn Access developers!

Tell them to use the DUL tool to extract the data :D